“Greater family rejection” for some Christians

“Greater family rejection” for some Christians

Christians are finding it increasingly difficult to share their faith in the workplace and even among family, according to the newly appointed Presbyterian Moderator.

Rev. Dr Noble McNeely was officially installed as the new Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ireland (PCI) at a general assembly on Tuesday in Belfast.

He told the congregation that being a disciple of Jesus in the modern world is becoming “more and more difficult and intimidating”.

“I speak to many of our Church members, and they freely tell of how they are finding it more difficult to share their Christian faith in their places of work, in the places they socialise, even for some they find greater family rejection,” he said.


Addressing delegates from around the world including East Africa, Latvia and Hungary, he added: “When Jesus told his disciples to take up the cross, it was expected that there would be physical rejection.

“The persecution of Christians throughout the world is more evident than ever before.”

The Moderator mentioned Coptic Christians in Egypt, who are “suffering persecution, imprisonment and discrimination”, and called on followers to stand with the “persecuted Church”.