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World Cup full of Blessings

 Carlson   Mexico’s World Cup team experienced a miracle of sorts on Sunday with a stunning victory over Germany, some say because of one faithful grandmother. A girl named Paola of El Paso, Texas posted a video via Twitter of her grandmother blessing the Mexican team moments before the game started on Sunday. The video…

Indonesians activists call to support eco-friendly parties in elections

The environment has taken centre stage in Indonesia’s regional elections in South Kalimantan after it emerged that the vast majority of mining and palm oil businesses in the province flout environmental laws. According to the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry as many as 600 out of 700 businesses break the rules. They include contributing to air pollution, mismanagement…

Biggest battle yet as Yemen crisis worsens

The Saudi-led coalition’s assault on Hodeida, Yemen’s main port city, will have a “catastrophic impact” on the ability of relief groups to get food, medicine and other aid to vulnerable Yemeni families in urgent need of assistance, a Catholic aid agency warned. CAFOD, the overseas aid agency of the bishops of England and Wales, made…

Vatican Roundup

Poor How is it that God in heaven can hear the cries of the poor, but so many people watching or standing nearby either cannot or just do not care, Pope Francis asked on the World Day of the Poor. The recently established commemoration is meant to give Christians a chance to follow Christ’s example…

In Brief

Bishop wins international Catholic media award Bishop George F. Kicanas accepted the Catholic Press Association’s (CPA) 2018 Bishop John England Award by praising the work of the Catholic press and stressing how critical Catholic journalism is to the spreading the Church’s message around the world. Presented annually, the award recognises publishers in the Catholic press…

Country divided as Argentina move toward legal abortion

Argentina’s bishops expressed disappointment with the approval of an initiative that moves the South American country closer to legalising abortion. This comes as the country’s bishops have pledged to review their social ministries to better attend to youth and women. The country’s lower house of congress voted 129-123 to approve the initiative, which decriminalises abortion…