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Pressure on those raising trans concern reaching ‘crescendo’, psychologist says

The pressure being applied to those who raise any concern with any aspects of the transgender movement is reaching a “crescendo” according to psychotherapist Stella O’Malley. This comes as Ms O’Malley requests the record of the Dail corrected, as she claims she was misquoted and her attitude towards transgender people misrepresented in the chamber by…

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Parish mourns as Our Lady statue shattered

The community of St Mark’s Church in Tallaght, Dublin, received unwelcome news Sunday morning when it was revealed that their statue of Our Lady was shattered in a “mindless act of vandalism”. Speaking to The Irish Catholic newspaper, moderator of the parish Fr Pat McKinley said the statue had been a “great source of comfort”,…

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TD hits back at ‘fanatical’ Church-bashing over NMH

TD Michael Collins hit back at critics with “fanatical agendas” for “bashing” the Catholic Church over the deal for the new National Maternity Hospital. Speaking in the Dáil, the independent TD said that “critics with fanatical agendas are claiming that a Catholic ethos” would compromise the hospital’s ability to deliver its services. “These claims are…

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