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The importance of being Oscar for Everett

 (15A)   Rupert Everett has been fascinated by Oscar Wilde for most of his life. He’s acted in many of his plays on Broadway and played his alter ego in films like The Importance of Being Ernest and An Ideal Husband. He also played Wilde himself in David Hare’s The Judas Kiss on the West…

Ode to rejuvenation in the Scottish Highlands

(12A)   “Too late for chips?” the 83-year-old Edie (Sheila Hancock) asks her cook in a fast food restaurant. “Never too late for you, Edie,” he replies in what becomes a lightbulb moment for her. This is a sweet little film about a self-professed ‘geriatric’ trying to roll back the years. It’s “never too late”…

The varying parabolas of self-belief

   Namechecking the endearing Natalie Wood tune from West Side Story in its title, this comes to us with the oldest message in movies: it’s the inner person that counts in matters of the heart rather than the outer one. Renee Bennett (Amy Schumer) is a kooky IT worker who’s a bit on the…

Sliding down the slippery slope of recidivism

(15A)   Prisons are places where small criminals become big ones. Such a transmogrification is demonstrated in graphic fashion in this tale of a meek 18-year-old from a North Dublin housing estate who’s given a two month sentence after being found  with a stash of cocaine worth €2,000. Michael McCrea (Dafhyd Flynn) is a carrier…

A feminist parable more than a revealing portrayal

Mary Magdalene (12A)   Whatever we may say about the Biblical epics of yore, they exuded power. Even the run-of-the-mill  (or should I say De Mille) ones. The problem with Garth Davis’ Mary Magdalene is that it tries so hard to be ‘authentic’ it sacrifices the iconic benchmarks of scripture to subdued sidebars. It’s a plodding film…

Enigmatic homelessness on the streets of Toronto

 (15A)   What would make a normal young girl from a privileged home in Toronto drop out of college to live on the streets without telling anyone why? That’s the central conundrum surrounding this captivating moodpiece from Alan Gilsenan which begins – appropriately – with a song from Canada’s prime avatar of angst and alienation,…

Panther roars in seismic genre shift for Marvel Studios

   Both directed and written by Ryan Googler, this is yet another highly entertaining offering from Marvel Studios. It concerns a king, T’challa (Chadwick Boseman) who returns to the technologically advanced fictional nation of Wakanda to be its leader. His path to power is threatened by a cadre of ne-er-do-wells but a consignment of…