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Mercy just one of the virtues being cancelled

What with the #Golfgate row, the thirst for punishments and polarising conflicts worldwide you’d wonder if Covid-19 wasn’t infecting brains and temperaments. There has been much honest grappling with challenging issues but also much casting of first stones. On Thought for the Day (BBC Radio 4) last Wednesday morning, Anglican Bishop Dr Guli Francis-Dehqani took…

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Archbishop’s musical talent well hidden!

With such grim material in the news and current affairs programmes these days, it’s welcome when they are followed by something lighter. I enjoyed Des’s Island Discs (RTÉ Radio One) last Tuesday after Drivetime when Des Cahill’s guest was Archbishop Eamon Martin. I knew the Archbishop was a fine singer, but learned on the show…

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Claws out in TV battle to be Mrs America

It’s a pure fluke that the programmes under review this week all begin with the letter M! I’ve been catching up on the TV drama series Mrs America (BBC Two) which came to an end last Thursday.  It was an absorbing dramatisation of the culture war between radical feminists and activist conservatives over the Equal…

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