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Adopting a greener way of life

With COP27 coming to an end, how to care for creation is on more minds than ever, writes Jason Osborne The 2022 United Nations Climate Change conference, COP27, is drawing to a close in Egypt, and whatever else about it, these yearly gatherings continue to spark conversation and debate about how best to address the…

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Hearing more than ‘a voice in a cloud’

Personal Profile Sometimes we expect a ‘voice from the cloud’ moment when it comes to vocations, according to Fr Dave Twohig O.Carm. But for him, there was no clear line to his own vocation. Instead, it gradually evolved until he realised that he wanted to serve people as a priest. “Believe it or not, that’s…

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How to focus amid distraction

There are more distractions than ever before and so we must develop our concentration if we’re to thrive, writes Jason Osborne We live in a world awash with distraction. Living in mega-cities (by historical standards) as we do, we’re surrounded by more stimulus every day than your average person was exposed to in a year. A…

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