Voters urged to ‘stand up’ for unborn

Voters who want to retain the pro-life constitutional position are being urged to make their voices heard at a Dublin rally next month.

The Pro-Life Campaign is holding an event on Saturday, June 4 from 3-4pm on Molesworth Street, Dublin. Organisers say the aim of the event is to celebrate the hugely positive influence that the Eighth Amendment has had on Ireland and to counter the standard media line which is to blame the amendment whenever abortion is in the news.

The event will aim to put the focus on the stories of people who are alive in Ireland today thanks to this life-saving provision in the constitution.

Speakers on the day will include Melissa Ohden, who was born alive after a failed abortion and left for dead, and Heidi Crowter, who has joined the campaign against pre-screening to detect Down Syndrome. Other speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

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