‘Just a little’ is going in wrong direction

Dear Editor, The news that there is an increase in the sale of abortion pills in Ireland was followed immediately by yet another demand for widening the provisions for legalised abortion here. 

Unfortunately, however, just as with the GAA and the amateur status, we cannot have ‘a little’ payment of players; and no country has ever succeeded in having ‘just a little’ direct abortion. 

The main advocates pushing for limited abortion are in reality intent on achieving abortion on demand, as they are on record as stating.

The internet holds several websites dedicated to the true experiences of women who have had an abortion.  There are deep-seated human emotions that we tamper with at our peril, and the mother-child bond is one of the strongest of all.

There is an international outcry at present over the revelation that the organisation Planned Parenthood generates revenue from selling the body parts of aborted babies – and organises the abortion procedure to produce selected organs to market demand, or even entire bodies, as these fetch a much higher price.  

The mothers are not being told what is being done to the remains of their child.  

This has horrified many, yet it is only logical, once the unborn child is seen as a disposable commodity. Not all pro-abortion advocates are hypocrites, but Planned Parenthood is shown up for what it is.

Advocating for abortion is playing into their hands.

Yours etc.,

M. Ó Fearghail

Glanmire, Co. Cork.