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In Brief

Australian prelate’s appeal begins This week sees Australian Cardinal George Pell making a case for a last chance of freedom, with his case being heard by the Appeals Division of the Supreme Court of Victoria. Three judges will preside over the June 5-6 hearing, with a decision expected within several months. The cardinal was convicted…

Vatican roundup

book A new book of Pope Francis’ teachings on the history of the devil, “his empty promises and works” and “how we can actively combat him” has been published by the US hierarchy. Titled Rebuking the Devil, the book is meant for a wide audience and “shows us…

Signs of faith and mercy

The Pope’s trip to Romania showed how Christians must persist in the faith no matter what their challenges, writes Greg Daly The witness of Romania’s martyred bishops are a constant reminder that Christians must resist ideologies that seek to stifle and suppress their cultural and religious traditions, Pope Francis said on the last day of…

Pope Francis remembers bishops martyred under Communism

Pope Francis today reflected upon his recent apostolic visit to Romania, where he beatified seven Greek-Catholic bishops martyred under Soviet occupation. The Pope said on June 5 that the beatified bishops were “witnesses to the freedom and mercy that comes from the Gospel”. “One of these new blesseds, Msgr. Iuliu Hossu, during his imprisonment wrote:…

Appeal for prayers after Missouri tornado

Bishop Shawn McKnight of Jefferson City has expressed gratitude that lives were spared and that all residents of the Missouri capital are accounted for following a devastating tornado. He said in a May 23 statement that the staff of Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri were assessing the needs of residents. Some people were…

Vatican News Roundup

 Nations, like individuals, have a “solemn duty” to care for the poor and to work together to promote development, Pope Francis told a group of ambassadors beginning their service at the Vatican. International cooperation for development and for peace-making tap into a common, universal desire to experience…