The Christian response to the coronavirus

How should the Catholic Church respond when a pandemic breaks out? What is the correct pastoral response? What kind of pastoral response best fits with medical best practice? Are priests generally good at a time like this? What should we as individual Christians do? It’s hard to know at this stage whether ordinary people have…

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The case for religious orders

The world is better for their presence over the years, writes David Quinn The record of the nuns is under attack again. The latest accusation is one of racism against children of ‘mixed race’ who found themselves in Mother and Baby homes and other Church-run institutions. The last Mother and Baby home closed down several…

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Francis is no doctrinal liberal

Amazonian exhortation points towards Pope’s real aim, writes David Quinn   When Humanae Vitae was issued in 1968 by Pope Paul VI, it was greeted with dismay and anger by many people, including practicing Catholics, who expected the Church to relax its previous prohibition against the use of artificial means of birth control by Catholics.…

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The future of Catholic voters is in our own hands

The concerns of Catholics were invisible in the election because Catholics 
made themselves 
invisible, writes 
David Quinn In the run up to the general election, there were a handful of statements from bishops such as Eamon Martin, Kevin Doran and Alan McGuckian but for the most part the Church kept as low a profile as…

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A chance to make your mark

Catholics must vote as Catholics on election day, writes David Quinn   Election time again, and if you’re pro-life it’s a very strange one because it is the first since the May 2018 abortion referendum. In previous campaigns, the focus of the pro-life movement was to support candidates and parties who were pro-life, or at…

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Duty and desire in a royal kerfuffle

At the heart of every institution there are frail and flawed human beings, writes David Quinn   You’ve probably seen the Netflix series, The Crown, which is a semi-fictionalised drama about Britain’s royal family. It covers the reign of Elizabeth II and follows her from the time she is a young woman and will end…