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Our Lady and the defeat of communism in Russia

Dear Editor, Mikhael Gorbachev would seem to have played, unintentionally, an important role in the unfolding of the Message of Fatima. On March 25, 1984 Pope St John Paul II, in accordance with the request of Our Lady, consecrated the world including Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The following year Gorbachev was elected General…

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The family that eats together stays together

‘Decline of traditional family revealed,’ ran the headline in The Times of London last week, describing an official report on the structure of the modern family. The report, led by Dame Rachel de Souza, the English children’s commissioner, found that almost a quarter of British families are headed by a lone parent. And 44% of…

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Chaplaincy as a powerhouse for vocations

Shannon Campbell The View As I write, I’m in the midst of packing for another wedding. The summer season has been busy this year with weddings and ordinations. Many within my peer group have reached the stage of making lifelong commitments, having discerned how God is calling them to love and serve him. And it’s…

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