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Three weddings and a pilgrimage

Chai Brady speaks to couples who met in Lourdes in 2010 and married one month apart   Lourdes is a well-known place of pilgrimage closely connected to faith, prayer and helps people gain a closer connection with God, but if three married couples are anything to go by, it can also be a place to…

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The Incarnation is the central doctrine of our Faith

Fr Bill Dailey CSC   Love came down at Christmas,
 Love all lovely, love divine; 
Love was born at Christmas,
 Star and angels gave the sign.

 Worship we the Godhead, 
Love incarnate, love divine; 
Worship we our Jesus: 
But wherewith for sacred sign?

 Love shall be our token, 
Love shall be yours and love be…

Bolivia turmoil is dividing communities

Chai Brady speaks to an Irish missionary about the tense situation in embattled Bolivia An Irish lay missionary who is serving the local community in Bolivia is living through a political fiasco which has led to protests and violence that kicked off in October after a disputed presidential election. Anne Reilly of Viatores Christi was…

2020 Program Announced for An Tobar Retreat Centre

The An Tobar Retreat Centre in Co Meath has announced its upcoming programme for 2020 and along with a number of guided retreats, there are also opportunities to attend personal retreats, workshops and ongoing events. Booking is essential for all programmes, so phone today to secure your place. ****** Ashram Experience Led by: David HalpinFeb…

Mindfullness: Enhancing prayer and nourishing our relationship with God

For Christians, training in mindfulness has the potential to create the space which ultimately holds the capacity for full communion with 
God, writes Sr 
Kennedy RSC I welcome the publication A Reflection on Mindfulness – Rediscovering the Christian Tradition of Meditation and Contemplation by the bishops’ conference. It supports mindfulness and recognises that mindfulness,…