Sport’s ‘a beautiful way of glorifying your body’

Sport’s ‘a beautiful way of glorifying your body’ Cáit Glass
Ruadhán Jones


“I identify as a Christian first and foremost, that informs everything I do,” said Cáit Glass, Derry Ladies Gaelic football captain from 2017 to 2019.

In a video for Derry Diocese, Cáit said captaining her county was “an amazing experience” and “wouldn’t have been the same without my Faith behind me”.

“It informs every opportunity I have in sport,” she said, “all the decisions I make and how I am when I go out and play and train.”

The life of a professional athlete can be difficult, but Cáit found comfort in her Faith.

“In sport, you have lots of highs, but lows maybe more so,” she said. “It can be difficult those times if you’re really using your sport to form your identity.

“For me, that’s one of the big reasons my Faith is so important for my sport.”

“One part of scripture that really sticks out to me is Corinthians and it says, ‘Glorify God in your body’,” she said. “When it comes to sport…it’s such a beautiful way of glorifying your body.”