Rugby star: ‘We rely on God to lead our lives’

Rugby star: ‘We rely on God to lead our lives’ Eric Miller

Former Irish rugby international Eric Miller has revealed that he found his Faith enriches his life after his retirement from the sport.

In an interview at the weekend, Mr Miller said he leaned heavily on his belief in God once he stepped away from the professional game.

“We rely on God to lead our lives in many ways,” the 44-year-old ex-Leinster back-row said.

Great help

He said he found the church he went to in Dublin was “a great help in terms of helping me let rugby go.

“I find the stories, the story of Jesus, very compelling and very engaging. I believe things happen for a reason.

“For one reason or another, I’ve ended up in healthcare before this thing [Covid-19] happens, so that would be an example of how I feel in my experience, my Faith – everything has sort of happened in a flow.”


Faith took Mr Miller and his family to Sri Lanka, where they adopted their second daughter Nisha from a local orphanage.

“Through the church [in Sri Lanka] that we went to we met Nisha,” said Mr Miller, who won 48 caps for his country.

“Our Faith was a very important part of it. My wife would say that God told her to take that child.”