Ó Cuiv as president could have major Irish impact

Ó Cuiv as president could have major Irish impact Éamon Ó Cuiv

A prominent pro-life group has said that a new president who defends the right to life could be a powerful voice for those who support pro-life initiatives. The comments come after the apparently unofficial launch of a campaign which would see Fianna Fáil councillor Éamon Ó Cuiv running for the presidential election.

Spokesperson for the Pro Life Campaign, Cora Sherlock, said: “What I would say is that I think it’s always a good thing when someone in public life is a vocal supporter of the right to life of every human being including the unborn and particularly at the moment more people are needed to come out and say that,” she said.

Ms Sherlock added that Éamon Ó Cuiv’s record in defending the right to life has been excellent.

“He’s not someone who’s singularly known for that, he’s certainly known for other things but he’s been a very good advocate for the right to life of everybody and the best medical care for women.”

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