Historic Ireland summer unveils saint’s hidden home

Historic Ireland summer unveils saint’s hidden home


The recent drought in Ireland may have revealed a significant archaeological find – what is thought to be the childhood home of St Oliver Plunkett just outside Oldcastle.

The hot weather and lack of rain this summer has exposed the outline of a house on what is now the Loughcrew estate with a path leading from the house to the church on the estate.

Fr Ray Kelly is the parish priest at Oldcastle and shared in the excitement of the recent find. “It is amazing what this fine weather is discovering. I’m not an archaeologist, but it could be his family home,” Fr Kelly told the Meath Chronicle.

Although people only suspect that this is the home of St Oliver, Dermot Fenton of Loughcrew said that it very well may be the house of the saint.

“I am not an archaeologist, but it is a fair supposition that this is the original Plunkett house. St Oliver’s head may be in Drogheda, but his soul is here,” said Dermot.

A civil survey from 1612 has been analysed and mentions a house on the land, which they believe is the house that once stood on the outline that was revealed by the weather.

Early examiners of where the former house stood hope to have experts look at the land. “It would be lovely to have the site examined and to have it dated and verified,” Dermot added.

“We hope that an archaeologist will take an interest.”