Lessons to be learned from Hungary – Senator Mullen

Lessons to be learned from Hungary – Senator Mullen Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán

There’s a “real need for clear thinking” when it comes to Hungary, in order to “avoid the propaganda element that comes into play whenever Orban is discussed,” Senator Rónán Mullen said following the Pope’s meeting with controversial Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Speaking to The Irish Catholic newspaper, Senator Mullen said that there are aspects of Mr Orbán’s Hungary “that we can learn from” and that we should be “unashamed” to praise, highlighting the Hungarian government’s promotion of the family, and the financial incentives offered to couples to have children.

Tweeting recently, Senator Mullen said he doesn’t think Mr Orbán “is the demon that some make him out to be.

“Sometimes he’s a much-needed antidote to the groupthink around the EU table.”

Senator Mullen said that following a meeting with Mr Orbán during which Senator Mullen  put it to him about Hungary’s immigration policy and how it can be communicated that “our brothers and sisters in the Muslim world…matter to us, too,” Mr Orbán responded that Hungary’s policy is that they want to give “first priority” to Christians and other minorities.

“In fairness to the Hungarians, my understanding is that their assistance to persecuted minorities doesn’t stop at Christians,” Senator Mullen commented, continuing however, “their help to the persecuted Church in places like Iraq has been absolutely exemplary”.