God is making a huge comeback with the young – PussyCat Doll Star

God is making a huge comeback with the young – PussyCat Doll Star Kaya Jones pictured (left) during her time in the Pussycat Dolls. On the right: Kaya jones pictured with a young boy supporting the pro-life cause during the Rally for life on July 6 in Dublin.


“God is making a huge comeback with the youth. It’s so great… Catholics are coming back to the Catholic Church, like they’ve never done before. It’s astounding. We have to go fishing because the youth are starting to see the truth. They don’t know any different,” said Kaya Jones in an interview with The Irish Catholic.  Her message to the young is clear: embrace your inherent value, seek community, and don’t be afraid to stand up for your beliefs.

Speaking to this paper before her appearance at the Rally for Life on July 6, former Pussycat Dolls singer, Kaya Jones, opened up about her dramatic life transformation from Hollywood stardom to becoming a vocal advocate for faith who has been awarded a Grammy for her gospel album.

Reflecting on her time with The Pussycat Dolls, Kaya Jones talked about the group’s image: “The band was very sexual. Our name was sex. We sang about sex. We looked like sex. It was like overkill.” This experience shows her perspective on the entertainment industry and its impact on young people.

“The statistic for young women now is heartbreaking. With suicide rates, PTSD, depression, abortion has become a form of contraception,” Ms Jones emphasises the power of prayer and the importance of reading the Bible. She encourages young women to value themselves beyond their physical attributes and to seek a deeper understanding of their worth. “You’re more than just being a beautiful girl… You are a beautiful creation in God, he has incredible plans for you to prosper.”

Kaya Jones points out the importance of self-worth and faith in addressing mental health issues. “We’re not meant to do life alone. So, find community,” she advises, adding that spiritual healing played a crucial role in her own recovery. She believes that many mental health issues have spiritual roots: “Once it’s inside, you must do homework with God. God can do it, right? That’s what He’s in to, the business of saving lives and bringing those dead to life.”

Ms Jones is currently working on new music that blends her dance-electronic background with spiritual themes. “I’m going back into dance electronic music, but this time adding him. Because I think we have to go fishing. We have to go get them,” she says, aiming to reach younger audiences who may not attend church.


The full interview with Ms Kaya Jones will be available in next week’s issue and the video will be available on www.irishcatholic.com