Antrim gang targets Catholics and migrants

Antrim gang targets Catholics and migrants St Comgall's church, Antrim.

An LVF-linked gang responsible for a sectarian attack on the new home of a nine-year-old disabled boy in Antrim has also carried out a series of attacks on properties.

The gang, based in the Ballycraigy estate, has targeted several families in the area over recent days and weeks. It’s believed their aim is to drive foreign workers from the area in order to force the reallocation of their homes to people from the area.

The latest incident comes amid rising tensions in Antrim in the run-up to the 12th.

In recent days Union, ‘Ulster’ and other flags were put up close to St Comgall’s Catholic Church, which is within view of the town’s PSNI station.

Several homes in the Ballycraigy area have come under sectarian and racist attacks in recent days.

A family was forced to flee their Craig Hill home after windows and a parked car were smashed before midnight last week.

A poster has also been put up on a pole close to the property bearing the message: “Attention landlords, NIHE, landlords, we have had enough of undesirables and immigrants being placed in our community. The time has come for locals only….no multiculturalism, no sex offenders. Action will be taken.”