Family News & Events

Family News & Events
Get the food down-low in Wicklow

At a time in our history when food is readily available at supermarkets, often pre-made, it can be easy to take this vital source of survival for granted. If you want to develop a deeper connection with the food you consume, why not whisk yourself away to the mindful eating retreat at Abhainn Ri in the Wicklow Mountains? Hosted by the Byrne family, you will get the chance to taste the garden of Ireland through locally sourced foods, experience life on the farm, learn to make your own bread and butter, and immerse yourself in mindful eating for the body and soul. The two-day adventure will give you the ability to create and eat food in a mindful way that benefits your overall wellness. You will understand your own eating habits and how you can eat in a healthy way for your mind and body. To book, see:

Nap your way to a happy heart

Some households frown upon daytime napping as it’s considered a lazy trait. However, those who like to catch up with some sleep in the afternoon now have science to justify their behaviour. A new study has shown that napping once or twice a week may halve the risk of heart attacks, strokes and heart failure. The findings, which appear in the journal Heart, found that taking 1–2 weekly naps during the day was linked with 48% lower chances of having cardiovascular complications compared with those who did not nap at all. Lead author Nadine Häusler and colleagues said: “Subjects who nap once or twice per week have a lower risk of incident [cardiovascular disease] events, while no association was found for more frequent napping or napping duration.” The study is limited in that the analysis revealed no link between cardiovascular events and the duration of the naps.

Care-free car seat

Parenting is difficult at the best times, but things aren’t made easier when you’re out and about in the car. When running errands around town with your baby, it can be a nightmare constantly having to transition from car seat to pram, especially when your new-born has finally drifted off to sleep. Enter ‘Doona’ and their revolutionary car seat. It transforms from car seat to stroller in seconds, meaning there is no hassle getting your child in and out of your vehicle. Unlike other products that claim to convert from one mode to another, you will not find yourself having to fuss or construct anything; even the wheels are integrated into this simple but ingenious system. This makes the school, petrol and grocery run so much more convenient not just for you but your undisturbed baby who will be none the wiser that they’ve been moved at all.