Family News and Events

Family News and Events
Drum roll for Drumlin county

While Monaghan is often overlooked as an Irish holiday destination, the Drumlin county is worth exploring especially with the Taste of Monaghan event approaching on September 28. This year, the festival, which celebrates local food, arts and culture, will be free to visitors and will have the largest collection of street-food vendors in the North East.

Visitors will have an opportunity to meet some of the most talented local chefs during the food demonstrations, to be entertained by local buskers and family friendly entertainment will be provided throughout the day. Exhibitors across the whole country will descend on the area offering unique and delicious produce.

It takes place right in the centre of Monaghan Town from 11am to 7pm, and those in attendance are sure to bring home a few recipe ideas that the whole family will enjoy!


Medical experts unanimously agree that refraining from smoking is good for your health, but a new study has shown that those who kicked the habit need to be cautious. The paper, which is published the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, claims that people who previously smoked are more likely to develop depression, start using cannabis, or begin to drink alcohol in excess.

The study drew from 67,035 people who used to smoke and found depression rates rise from 4.88% to 6.04%, binge drinking increase from 17.22% to 22.33%, and marijuana use double from 5.35% to 10.09%.

While there some limitations to study, including the fact that correlation is not equal to causation, lead investigator Renee D Goodwin said: “The findings represent a looming threat to the progress that has been made in reducing the prevalence of cigarette use.”

Deep sleep spray

Most people experience periods in their life when they consistently can’t sleep; this might be because of insomnia, stress, or an uncomfortable mattress. There are plenty of products of the market to remedy this problem, but perhaps the most efficient and popular is ‘This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray’. A best-seller and award-winning, this spray helps reduce anxiety associated with sleep and is proven to help sleep quality. In a study, 89% of users fell asleep faster than normal and 92% felt more refreshed the morning after. You simply have to spritz it onto your pillows before bedtime and the natural scents will send you into a deep slumber. The product comes in different shapes and sizes so there’s plenty of selection to choose from. Ideal for an alert child who can’t seem to keep their eyes closed, or someone struggling with sleep in general, this nifty gadget could be a life-changing purchase.