Evangelicals unite in calling for churches to be re-opened

Evangelicals unite in calling for churches to be re-opened

Churches must be reopened for public worship, evangelical pastors and their congregations have told the Government in a new video campaign, saying “man cannot live by bread alone”.

The video, which was posted less than 24 hours ago, has already seen hundreds of shares and likes on social media platforms.

Speaking to The Irish Catholic, Pastor John Ahern of All Nations Church, and co-founder of Christian Voice Ireland, said the video was “hoping to give expression to the heartfelt cry of all believers”.

Mr Ahern said that, without being dismissive of the public health guidance, the reality of an “epidemic” of other issues of concern must be acknowledged too, such as suicide, domestic abuse, depression and other mental afflictions.

“It’s heartrending for ministers, and I’m sure it’s the same for priests, to have to turn people away,” the pastor said, adding that while the online liturgies are useful, they’re no substitute for worshiping together as a community.

“There are people struggling now who’ve never struggled before,” he said, continuing, “and the church was the one place people found hope and encouragement”.

He highlighted that those who took part in the video were conscious not to come across as angry, but that they all “just want to go back to church”.

Mr Ahern said they intend to follow up their video with a letter to the Government next week, which is expected to see signatures from hundreds of pastors around the island.

You can watch the video by clicking here.