Amaze your family at Christmas…with just a toothpick!

Amaze your family at Christmas…with just a toothpick!
Children’s Corner

If you’re a natural performer or just want to move out of your comfort zone, why not try entertaining your family and friends over Christmas with some magic? This is a time of year when all of your family are together under one roof, making it the perfect opportunity to show off all the tricks you’ve been learning during the last 12 months.

One popular type of effect is making an object repair itself after you’ve destroyed it. For example, you might rip up some money and then with a magical wave of the hand completely restore it. Perhaps the most famous example of this trick is with a person, not an object: sawing someone in half. Traditionally the magician would put his assistant in a box, saw her in two, and then put her back together.

Of course, you probably won’t be able to perform this effect at home but there are smaller versions of the trick which will work around the dinner table…all you need is a toothpick and a napkin/handkerchief.

The effect is very simple, but powerful. You lay the napkin out flat and place the toothpick in the centre. You fold up the napkin and ask the spectator to break the toothpick. However, when you unfold the napkin, the toothpick has completely restored.

To perform this miniature miracle, you have to prepare by inserting an extra toothpick into the seam of the napkin. That way, it will be hidden from sight. Now you are ready to start the trick.

Place the napkin out flat and put the toothpick in the centre. It’s important to remember what seam the extra toothpick is hidden in. Fold all four corners of the napkin towards the centre. Once folded, grab the seam which hides the extra toothpick and ask the spectator to break it in two. This is incredibly convincing because your volunteer can hear the toothpick snap and feel that it really is in two pieces. During this process make sure an audience member doesn’t try to open up the napkin as this will ruin the trick. Be very clear with your instructions.

Once broken, unfold the napkin and your spectators will be amazed that the toothpick has completely restored. While they’re inspecting the toothpick you can swap the napkin for a normal one so they won’t find anything if they suspect it had something to do with the trick.

This effect is a mind-boggler and will have your family and friends wondering how performed such an incredible feat especially because they were holding the napkin!