There should be a “wide and generous” acknowledgement of the freedom of conscience by the Government for healthcare professionals, a group of medical practitioners and lawyers have said. The comments come after an educational conference hosted by the Medico Legal Alliance on October 13, entitled The Legal Aspects of Clinical Decision Making, which brought together…

Internet will not solve Faith crisis, says bishop
Clergy cannot rely solely on the internet to reach young people on the peripheries, Waterford and Lismore’s bishop has said. In response to online initiatives which intend to educate lay people about the Faith, Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan said that although the internet is “a space inhabitated by the younger generations”, proper formation requires being around…
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All-Ireland winner brings Faith to the field

Hurling may be the only thing on Limerick midfielder Cian Lynch’s mind but he wouldn’t be able to do it without his strong Faith in God. The 22-year-old is a teetotaller and a devout Catholic, attending mass on a weekly basis at his home in Patrickswell. Speaking to this week, Lynch [pictured] said his Faith…

Doctors shouldn’t be forced to carry out abortion, says public

The Irish public believe that medical practitioners should be allowed to conscientiously object to being involved in an abortion, according to new research. At their National Conference in Dublin on October 6, the Pro-Life Campaign released poll findings showing strong public backing for freedom of conscience protections for healthcare workers from having to assist in…

The real cost of Christmas
Christmas time really shouldn’t break the bank, writes Colm Fitzpatrick   The Christmas period usually elicits imagery of family gatherings, present-sharing and festive cuisine, but behind this ideal, parents are struggling to cope with the financial costs and burdens that have become part and parcel of this Christian event. And although it seems incongruent to…
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Parents under too much pressure to fork out at Christmas, says priest

Parents are struggling to support their children financially during the Christmas holidays, a Dublin-based priest has said. Speaking about how Christmas has become over-commercialised, Fr James Noonan OCD, Prior of St Teresa’s Church in Dublin’s city-centre, said that buying presents “is starting earlier and earlier every year”, and that even before Hallowe’en, preparing for Christmas…

When Faith and creativity meet

Personal Profile Some believers can make the Faith their own, writes Colm Fitzpatrick   Very few people in Ireland can say that one of their creations has been blessed by a Pope, but luckily for retired farmer Noel Ward, he is one of these very few. The Cork-born man had a chance to witness Pope…