A floral display for Mother’s Day

A floral display for Mother’s Day

When St Patrick’s Day is past, you will be getting ready for Mother’s Day next weekend (March 25). While you are making your card and planning a breakfast in bed menu, brainstorm some original ways for presenting a bunch of flowers to your mum.

You can cut stems short and fashion a brooch out of tiny daffodils and crocuses, or press flowers to use for a home-made card. And you can have a go at making this floral chandelier to hang from the ceiling for mum to enjoy.

You will need: One 12-inch metal ring, floral wire or string, secateurs, tiny glass bottles or jam jars, spring flowers such as tulips, daffodils, crocuses, primroses and grape hyacinths.

If you’re using the floral wire, ask an adult to cut the wire with the secateurs as it can be very tricky doing it yourself.

If using the string: Cut four equal lengths of string and tie these around the ring. Bring each piece to the centre, and tie in a knot, leaving enough length left to tie another knot for hanging the chandelier. Cut another eight pieces of string to attach the jars and bottles. Tie two pieces of string around each jar, and then tie the other ends to the wreath. Repeat with the remaining jars.

If using the wire: Cut four equally long pieces of floral wire. Space them apart around the wreath and then tie them to the ring.

Bend the pieces towards the centre and then twist them so they are binded together. Bend the top of the wire into a hook so you can hang it up. Hang the chandelier from the ceiling and then start attaching the glass jars.

Cut a long piece of floral wire and wrap one end tightly around the rim of the glass jar or bottle. With the other end, tie this to the metal ring. Repeat with the remaining glass jars.

Fill a jug with water and pour a little water into each bottle and jar. Take your flowers and place them in the mini vases, trimming each stem to fit the vessel.

Replace the flowers whenever you need to. This also makes a brilliant Easter centrepiece. Hang eggs shells and chicks from the ring to make it more seasonal. And place twigs and fern leaves on top of the ring to make it look like a bird’s nest.