Become a March hare or an Easter bunny

Become a March hare or an Easter bunny

We’re now nearing the middle of Lent and Easter is fast approaching. Seeing as we are still in March and Easter is right round the corner, this March hare/Easter bunny head piece is just the craft to make.

If you’re having an Easter party or a birthday party, make several of these for you and your friends to wear, or to include in party bags. For the rabbit ear head piece you will need: pink felt, black, white, brown or grey felt, scissors, fabric glue, cereal card and one hair band the same colour of the felt you choose.

First make two templates for the rabbit ears. Place the hair band on the card to use as a guide for the ear sizes.

Draw two ears and cut them out. Pin these to a sheet of white felt and cut around them. Remove the pins and templates from the felt, and take the scissors and make two snips at the bottom of each ear so you have three tabs.

Make two smaller ears and cut them out from the pink felt. These will be the fleshy insides of the rabbit ears.

If you can’t get a hair band in the same colour as the felt you are using, wrap white ribbon or thick white yarn neatly all around the hair band. Trim any excess ribbon, and secure with some of the fabric glue.

Now, start attaching the ears. Take one ear, fold it horizontally, and pinch it just above the three snip marks. Dab a little glue so that it holds in place. You will see now that the shape is starting to look more like a rabbit ear.

Fold the middle tab underneath the hair band, and the outer two tabs onto the top of the hair band. Glue in place and hold for 10 seconds to make sure it sticks.

Repeat with the remaining ear.

Take the pink felt and place these inside the ears. Secure with some more glue. Leave the hair band to dry overnight before you wear it, you don’t want to get glue in your hair!

You can add a few fresh flowers to the head band if you like. Place the flowers in the centre, right between the two ears.

Make the ears extra long so they are more hare-like. Bend the tips of the ears over slightly.