What is the point of the synod?

Dear Editor, Am I alone in wondering what is the point of the Synod on the Family? The media sells it as a guise of finding pastoral solutions to the question of Holy Communion and divorced and remarried persons. The ability to receive Holy Communion is determined by being in a state of grace. One who is either divorced or remarried can be in a state of grace. Just as anyone else can. The key issue is why are so many asserting rights instead of responsibilities?

Whilst Christ welcomes all, he did say your sins are forgiven, go sin no more. Does this not propose that the problem is that some persons decide that they do not wish to apply for an annulment of their marriage?

Pope Francis has addressed concerns in the annulment process. A single judge (the bishop) first instances decisions with no confirmatory decision from a second tribunal.

The risk of schism in the synod is high, similar to that in the Anglican Communion (over women bishops) whereby western bishops may pander liberal notions, but bishops from the developing world will maintain authentic teachings of the Church, thus leading to a two-tier Church.

The guiding principal should be the Gospels and the teaching of the Church and not secular notions of human rights or equality.

The Holy Father could have secured the status of marriage and correct notions on receiving Holy Communion via an encyclical letter without the risk of the synod being hijacked by those who seek to conform the Church to society and not society to Christ.

I pray to the soon to be canonised parents of St Thérèse of Lisieux, Blds Louis and Marie-Azelie Guerlin Martin, that they will guide the Synod Fathers to keep faith with Christ and uphold the teachings of the Church.

Yours etc.,

Christopher Keeffe,

Middlesex, England.