Website reveals superheroes’ religion

The hulk is revealed as a Catholic

A new American website has categorised comic book characters and superheroes according to their religion. This is based on the attitude and beliefs they express in their stories.

According to the website, the incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner, is a Christian. In fact, his marriage with Betty Ross, is celebrated by a Catholic priest.

However, within the Marvel universe, the green giant is not the only follower of Christ, the website claims. Fellow crime-fighter Batman is also listed as a Catholic by the website.

Among Protestants, the list includes the likes of Spiderman and Captain America. Superman, however, is listed as a Methodist. His latest movie, ëMan of Steelí, features striking religious connotations. In it, he is a 33-year-old man who sacrifices himself for the good of humanity.  

Log on to the site to see what your favourite superheroís religion is.