‘We need a Church built for today’ – Bishop

Bishop insists there is still life in the Church in Limerick

Bishop Brendan Leahy has urged the people of Limerick diocese to work together to “repair and rebuild” the Church there.

Acknowledging that the diocese has been through “difficult and confusing times” in recent years, he insisted there is still life in the Church in Limerick.

Bishop Leahy said that the upcoming synod, a three day-meeting of 400 delegates in the spring of 2016 to chart a fresh blueprint for renewal in the diocese, will send out a “bold statement” to those who have felt side-lined by the Church in recent years.

“I think the Synod will be something very positive in the life of the Church in Limerick. It will send out a message that, not only is the Church still alive, it is looking to grow,” he told The Irish Catholic.

“We in the Church want to share a sense of what we have with those who are not part of the Church. We need to work together to repair and rebuild damaged relationships.

“It’s not enough to just have Mass or a presence in a building. People on the margins need to experience Jesus Christ through a loving community,” he said.

Recognising the need to “regenerate” the Church in Limerick, Bishop Leahy appealed to clergy and laity to work together “to discover a new way of being Church”.

He urged the people of Limerick to “reimagine” the Church’s future not as it was before but with “something that fits the present day”.

“The future Church must be inclusive, regenerated by us all together, clergy and laity alike. This means those of great faith working hand in hand with those of challenged faith. I’d like everyone in the diocese to be involved,” he said.