We are answerable for our gossip

Dear Editor, Andrew O'Connell is to be commended on his article ‘The crime of gossip’ (IC 6/2/14)

I commented recently that the Church i.e. from our altars, has been lax in this regard.  Since every word Andrew says is true it's quite amazing it's given such a wide berth. Is it because everyone contributes to the problem. It is certainly time for us all to be part of the solution. Careless talk, inaccuracy, downright lies bandied about to willing ears and in church to boot. Shame on us all.

One point to remember we are answerable for what comes from our lips “every unfounded word man utters he will answer for on Judgement Day” and “a man's words come from what fills his heart” – if we familiarise ourselves with God's Word we have the answers.  Mind you, I don't think we have to wait until Judgement Day to be dealt with, it can happen in a very brilliant wise way.

Yours etc.,

Mary Doyle,


Dublin 16.