Group think has no place in an ethical society

Dear Editor, It is not just pro-life groups but all of us that should be concerned that most of our main political parties reject the notion of allowing for a freedom of conscience in voting on such social issues as abortion. Sinn Féin like others before, lost an opportunity to be seen as a party that is different to other mainstream parties, controlled by the whip system.

Spurious claims to be a party that promotes human rights, is meaningless if it fails to allow members from being able to vote according to their conscience on key social issues. 

However, pro-life groups rather than rejecting individual parties need to consider strategically voting for individuals, whatever party allegiance with a value base that respects the rights of each person to differ with others on fundamental social issues such as abortion, euthanasia and even gay marriage. 

Group think is no friend of an ethical and fair society.

Yours etc.,

Frank Browne,


Dublin 16.