VC launches online training platform for missionaries

VC launches online training platform for missionaries

Irish faith-based NGO Viatores Christi (VC) recently launched an online training platform, UPSKILLS, for missionaries, development and humanitarian aid workers.

Upskills is a suite of “affordable, easily accessible and practical online training courses” aimed at helping such workers in their missions.

“The online platform of self-conducted courses has been developed in response to a growing demand from missionaries, development practitioners, community grassroots projects and recent graduates from across the globe,” according to a statement from the agency.

Missionaries and development workers increasingly seek “practical, relevant and affordable” professional skills-based training, and Upskills has been launched with that demand in mind.

It will offer “most requested courses” initially, such as Project Cycle Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, NGO Governance, Community Development and Safeguarding, with the objective of adding more courses over time.

Speaking at the launch of the platform, VC CEO Shane Halpin said: “VC has been engaged in the training and preparation of volunteers and development workers for over 60 years. Increasingly we saw more and more demand for good, affordable training for people involved in donor funded projects.

“During lockdown, we had the opportunity to trial some online courses in Project Cycle Management and other topics with our partners in Ireland, East Africa, SE Asia and Haiti – these were a huge success.”

Courses are expected to cost in the region of $15-$40 (€13-€34) and all participants who successfully complete the training will receive a certificate from VC.

To sign up to VC Upskills training go to