Thinking ahead to Eastertide

Thinking ahead to Eastertide

The Falling Dusk: The 2023 Lent Book, by Paul Dominiak (Bloomsbury, £12.99/€14.50)

With Easter eggs, as noted above, already appearing in some shops (or so it is reported), it is certainly a good idea to give some prior thought to the season of Lent and the celebration of Easter. This book is not one of those mindful books so popular these days, but it is in fact a consideration of the seven last words of Jesus on the Cross, which have long held an important place in the approach to Easter.

Whereas those meditative books are aimed at believers, Paul Dominiak who teaches in Cambridge University, writes he says for “those who embrace, reject, or are uncertain about faith”.

Taking those last words gathered from the Gospel texts, he asked his readers to reflect “in unconventional ways on our assumptions, anxieties, suspicions and beliefs through a conventional Lenten form of meditation”.

One reason for giving some attention to this book now in January, is that it allows readers time to absorb those unconventional aspects. And after the heady days of Christmas, to redirect their minds towards serious thoughts and ideas.

His aim is to interest and arouse all kinds of readers in the story and claims of Christianity. For many Mr Dominiak will make more than illuminating reading for the Lenten season.