The Call to More

The Call to More Sr Orla Treacy. Photo: Paul Jeffrey, 2014

Sr Orla Treacy

St Ignatius, the founder of the Jesuits has a phrase from his Spiritual Exercises, its known as “the Magis”, literally meaning More. I am not exactly sure what St Ignatius meant by it but it has helped me in my life, at least it has helped me to put a word on the journey that IO have taken and the direction I want to continue travelling.

I went to Secondary School with the Loreto Sisters, and was impressed by their spirit, humour, dedication and depth. I saw something more in them and I wanted it. I didn’t know exactly what the more was but I knew I was missing something. I had the desire to follow them, to join their way of life, but then again it was a crazy idea, at least that’s what everyone told me. To be a Sister, Nun, Brother, Priest is definitely not the usual life choice but this seemed to by my call to More.

After finishing school, the desire to discover the More increased. I realised this More was actually a desire for God, for prayer and for contemplation. I still didn’t know what to do, I decided to study theology, learn all I could about God and hopefully that would satisfy my thirst. It didn’t! I finished college, travelled, worked, socialised, enjoyed life, but I was still longing for More, for God.

After years of exploration and experimentation I finally decided to test Religious Life. I had no idea if I had a vocation, or what that even meant but I just knew I wasn’t settled. I had tried so many other things and nothing satisfied my. Now I was going to try Religious Life. And that is when I came slowly to recognise the desire for More in my life.

I have been very happy in this path, I know it’s not the usual way, but I feel so content, rested and connected, I can definitely recommend it. My search for More, for more of God, for more of life, continues in my Religious Life. I now work in South Sudan and have experienced new awareness of God and of my need for God. While my outward day is busy and active my inward desire for God continues to grow.

St Augustine talks of the restless heart, for me I like to think of it as a growing heart constantly seeking More from life, from God, from prayer…

If you think you are interested in exploring what is the More in your own life, why not try Religious Life. Yes, you will be considered half-crazy but it’s a wonderful journey and I definitely recommend it!