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Marie Stopes bonus claims show abortion industry priorities – PLC

Claims that a major British abortion provider offered bonuses to staff who encouraged women to have abortions show that such businesses are more interested in profits than helping women, the Pro Life Campaign has said. Calling for the public to made aware of such practices before even considering a referendum on repealing Ireland’s constitutional protections…


Renua has vowed to replace and reform the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC), saying that they have “lost credibility” after their submission to the Oireacthas Committee on the 8th Amendment. The party said their recommendations would result in light-touch regulation and the withdrawal of the right to life of the most vulnerable in…

Ireland’s religious culture is now in flux

There’s no doubt that the report on the Archdiocese of Dublin showing a dramatic decline in the number of priests and the number of Catholics attending Mass regularly makes for sobering reading. Over the past number of years, The Irish Catholic has published several similar statistical analyses and projections – the findings have all been…