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The referendum and personal conscience

As referendum day approaches, Catholics will be told by all and sundry that they should vote according to their consciences. In a Western democratic society like Ireland, which values individual freedom and personal autonomy above all else, there is little difficulty in accepting the central role of ‘conscience’. Hardly anyone disagrees with that, because ultimately…

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Praying in public is of vital importance to the outcome of the referendum on the Eighth Amendment, according to campaigners. “In the battle for life, we have to do the canvasing and everything else, yes,  but we are not going to win without prayer because it is very much a spiritual battle,” pro-life advocate Kathy Sinnott told…

GPs to remain neutral in abortion referendum

The largest organisation representing General Practitioners in Ireland have decided to remain neutral in Ireland’s upcoming abortion referendum, it has been revealed. The Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP) issued a letter to members yesterday, February 15, acknowledging that each member was entitled to their opinions “as a matter of personal conscience”. “However, the Board…