‘Sir’ Lewis Hamilton insists God is at the wheel

‘Sir’ Lewis Hamilton insists God is at the wheel Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton was knighted in a new year’s honours list. He was honoured alongside hundreds of people recognised for their work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Hamilton’s knighthood comes on the back of personal success, as he equalled Michael Schumacher’s title record and was awarded a second BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

However, Mr Hamilton attributes his success to God. In multiple interviews, Mr Hamilton has referenced the importance of his Catholic faith and prayer.

Speaking to the British Independent, Mr Hamilton spoke of the efforts he goes to in order to ensure his prayer slots into the day alongside his intense work schedule:

“You have to make time for things and every morning I have breakfast and before I eat, I pray. Every time I eat, actually, I pray. So, whether it’s a couple of seconds, a minute or whatever you are praying for, take that moment. Everyone is talking, and I say, ‘Sorry, one second’ and you just make the time.”

In the same interview, Mr Hamilton described the enlightening, empowering and “re-centring” effect going to church on Sunday has on him, saying he puts it before meetings.

Speaking to tennis star Serena Williams for the Interview magazine, Mr Hamilton again spoke of his faith. “I used to be insecure about the fact that I’m Catholic and that I have a relationship with God. It wasn’t until I got to Formula One that I really started to embrace it and feel comfortable showing it,” he said.

Despite soaring to lofty new heights in his career, Mr Hamilton is in no doubt about the key to his success, telling The Guardian newspaper, “Anything can happen any day, but I feel God has his hand over me.”