Respect ‘diverging views’ in synod process

Respect ‘diverging views’ in synod process Bishop Ger Nash Photo: John Mc Elroy

The Faithful should respect everyone’s right to share their views as the Church continues on its synodal journey, Bishop Ger Nash of the Diocese of Ferns has said in his Christmas message.

He said that Pope Francis has called for a new conversation to take place within the Catholic Church in order “that we might find new ways of being God’s people at this time and place and into the future”.

“I invite you to join in the conversation in whatever form it will take place in your own local community. I urge you to respect the right of everyone to share their views and the right too of expressing diverging views. It is my wish that we speak and listen to one another in a respectful manner so that a new pathway may emerge for us to walk on together as sisters and brothers of Christ,” Bishop Nash said.