Research finds vast majority believe abortion alternatives should be offered

Research finds vast majority believe abortion alternatives should be offered

A recent poll found that the majority of people believe that women should be informed about alternatives to abortion before going ahead with the procedure, with Pro-Life Campaign spokesperson Eilís Mulroy saying women are currently being “kept in the dark about abortion alternatives”.

An Amárach poll commissioned by the PLC found that 89% of 1,000 people surveyed believed that women should be offered the option of information about alternatives to abortion before the procedure takes place.

“They simply aren’t being informed about other options. This appalling situation cannot continue,” Ms Mulroy said at the launch of the PLC’s End the Silence report, which took place outside Leinster House on Tuesday.

The event was focused on the Government’s three-year review of the abortion law, and the changes the PLC want to see delivered as part of the review.

“Women have a right to be informed about alternatives in an open and transparent way prior to the abortion. People may be under the impression that this already happens but it doesn’t.

“There cannot be informed consent in relation to abortion unless women are presented with the full facts,” Ms Mulroy said.

The second poll finding released on Tuesday revealed that 77% of people support the abortion law being amended to ensure that babies who survive the abortion procedure are given medical care.

“The Government’s three-year review also needs to address horrific situations like the fact that babies sometimes survive late-term abortions and are left to die unaided, without receiving any palliative or medical care. The Minister for Health has acknowledged in the Dáil that he’s aware of the information that has come to light on this issue but disgracefully he has done nothing to end this barbaric treatment of babies who survive abortion,” Ms Mulroy said in relation to the finding.