Pope urges Muslim leaders to condemn violence done in name of Islam

The pope has spoken to with the Turkish President

Pope Francis called on political and religious leaders across the Muslim world to condemn violence done in the name of Islam.

The pope said he told Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the weekend that "it would be beautiful if all Islamic leaders – whether they be political leaders, religious leaders, academic leaders – would say clearly that they condemn [terrorism], because that will help the majority of Islamic people to say, 'that's true’," and show non-Muslims that Islam is a religion of peace.

"I sincerely believe that you cannot say that all Muslims are terrorists just as you cannot say that all Christians are fundamentalists; every religion has these little groups," the Pope said.

Pope Francis made his remarks during a 45-minute news conference on his return flight to Rome after a three-day visit to Turkey.