PIH advises ‘more than consent’ needed prior to sexual activity

PIH advises ‘more than consent’ needed prior to sexual activity

Catholic youth group Pure in Heart has said that more than consent is desirable prior to sexual activity, in response to new research which revealed that many teenagers do not believe it is always necessary to gain consent before engaging in a sexual activity with someone.

Speaking to The Irish Catholic newspaper, General Manager of Pure in Heart Helen Vysotska said that the present approach to sexual education in Ireland misunderstands “human anthropology”, and that young people aren’t being given the chance to hear “what their bodies are designed for”, as well as their body’s “inherent dignity”.

“The message that our bodies are special isn’t being communicated,” Ms Vysotska said, continuing that a “deep” bond like sex doesn’t make sense between people who don’t know each other.

“You obviously need a friendship and you need to know a person before you can ask anything of them.

“Consent is asking something of them, you’re asking permission, but how can you ask permission from somebody for something so deep when you don’t even know that person,” Ms Vysotska asked.

However, Ms Vysotska welcomed the research’s finding that 98% of young people understood that it’s ok to say ‘no’ to unwanted sexual activity.

“There’s no pressure,” Ms Vysotska said, continuing, “That was really encouraging to see”.

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