Philomena ‘unfair and inaccurate’ – nuns

The order of nuns portrayed in the newly-released film Philomena has described the motion picture starring Dame Judi Dench as “unfair and inaccurate”.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary nuns also accused the film makers of falsely creating a scene that showed one of their sisters in a profoundly negative light.

Speaking to The Irish Catholic the congregations’ assistant leader, Sr Julie Rose said the order was “saddened by the film’s unfair and inaccurate portrayal of one individual sister, including a meeting that never took place”.

The film’s final scene shows Sr Hildegard McNulty being confronted by former BBC journalist Martin Sixsmith, played by Steve Coogan, for allegedly obstructing Philomena’s attempts to find her son. Sr Hildegard judges Philomena as giving in to her “carnal” desires.

Sr Julie Rose, however, outlined to The Irish Catholic that this scene was fabricated by the film makers and never actually took place.

She added the film “also contains a number of other inaccuracies”.

“Many mothers and their children have been reunited by our Congregation over the years,” she said.