Pathway from homelessness helped hundreds in 2017 – charity

Pathway from homelessness helped hundreds in 2017 – charity

Depaul helped move almost 600 homeless people into more permanent accommodation last year, the charity has said.

In a statement, the charity revealed that in 2017, Depaul’s Assertive Engagement (AE) helped 593 people who were using emergency, night-time only hostels move to a variety of more stable arrangements.

Depaul currently operate two of the largest emergency hostels in the Dublin region with 200 emergency beds across the capitol, with 112 being AE places, the AE programme ensuring that people in ‘one night only’ accommodation are given support and guidance in moving on from this difficult situation.

Of the 593, 419 moved to supported temporary accommodation lasting for at least six months; 63 moved to temporary emergency accommodation without specific supports; 47 moved to private emergency accommodation; 24 moved to access treatment for, for example, drug or alcohol detox; 16 moved into private rented accommodation; and 15 were reunited with their families.

“When a person is experiencing the cold face of homelessness in emergency accommodation, constantly consumed with where they will lay their head each night, it is difficult to make strides in getting through more than one day at a time,” said Depaul CEO Kerry Anthony, adding: “Assertive Engagement gives vulnerable homeless people the stability of a bed each night and a lifeline in moving on from the cycle of emergency hostels.”

She continued: “Navigating the complexities of the homeless system is difficult, support is badly needed and that’s what AE provides. It shows a pathway out, even if it is a complex and flawed one. It is a way to make a long-term impact in a hostel which is otherwise just a fix for one night.”

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