Parish prays for footy prodigy Kieran Tierney

Parish prays for footy prodigy Kieran Tierney Kieran Tierney

A Scottish parish is praying for one of its young footballers who has just signed on to a premiere league team in a record-breaking deal.

St Brendan’s Church, Motherwell, congratulated Kieran Tierney who earlier this month transferred from boyhood club Celtic FC to Arsenal for £25 million (€22.5mil). The parish said they hope the 22-year-old uses his talent to the fullest and will be a good role model for their young people.

Fr Owen James Ness, PP of St Brendan’s, praised all the young people who contribute to the life of the parish.

“It’s widely known that young people are open to many very powerful influences. Peer pressure has a big influence, so those who give time to parish activities either in ministry or by the ministry of their very presence at church, especially by participation in Mass, often have to resist peer pressure in pursuing what is for them a wonderfully powerful experience,” he said.

“I remind them that by doing so they have the potential to influence others in their own age group to come to experience the goodness which they help to create by taking part in parish life.”