Bishop Denis Nulty will be flipping pancakes at a party at the primary school in Prosperous on Shrove Tuesday, February 13.

“There are two reasons for the party – we’re preparing to start our parish conversations on Faith and Family over the Sundays in Lent, following the course provided by the WMOF and we thought we’d like to have a launch for that,” Fr Bill Kemmy, curate at Prosperous told The Irish Catholic. “But then the party is an event of itself as well, a chance to celebrate families together.  Shrove Tuesday is something that people really do mark and celebrate.”

At the pancake party, which runs from 6.30pm, music and dance will be provided by the local schools and Bishop Denis Nulty is expected to be flipping pancakes and handing out Valentine vounchers.

The ‘Faith and Family’ Amoris conversations begin on Sunday,  February 18, and run for the six weeks of Lent. “Like the World Meeting of Families, the course is for family and everyone is a family whether you’re a father and mother, a child, or an auntie or an uncle – it’s for everyone and everyone is welcome,”  Sarah O’Brien from the Prosperous Amoris team said.

To highlight the value of this course, the main 11.30am mass in Prosperous has been moved to 10.30am.  The ‘conversations’ will run from 11.30am to 1.00pm for the adults, while the children enjoy parallel programmes built around workshops in art, music, dance and drama.

“So for example, the drama is going to be based on the six faces of the Amoris Cube,” Declan O’Brien said. “We’re going to act them out, so the older children will do that maybe differently to the younger children and so on, because we thought that some families wouldn’t be able to go if they had no-one to mind the children.”