No rebuke on synod necessary

Dear Editor, An article in the issue of November 6 (‘Archbishop slams synod’s critics’) suggests that Fr Vincent Twomey was the target of a “thinly veiled” public rebuke by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin in relation to the recent Extraordinary Synod. If this was the case then the archbishop was unaware of the broad scope of Fr Twomey’s commentary on the synod. I have read two articles written by him, and have looked at a video recording of a talk he delivered at an event organised by the Iona Institute.

For those who wish to read a balanced, refined and accurate response to the Extraordinary Synod, I would recommend that they look at the video of Fr Twomey’s talk at this web address  It is reassuring to all who became anxious on foot of the confusion in Rome. It reflects the moral appeal inherent in the bulk of the final synod report, a dynamic lacking in the article’s snippet quotations from the archbishop. Whither the rebuke?

Yours etc.,

Con Devree,


Co. Limerick.