Student fees should not fund abortion campaigners

Dear Editor, Pro-life or Catholic/Christian third level students are forced by their colleges into financially subsidising the promotional activities of pro-abortion student groups. This is unjust, ludicrous and wrong. Student union compulsory membership should not be an oppressive, intimidating condition for anyone seeking third level education and it is a scandal which should be ended forthwith by all college governing bodies.

David Quinn (‘Time for Church leaders to help students who have been silenced in our colleges’ IC 09/10/14) and Kathy Sinnott (‘Students of faith are facing intimidation’ Letters IC 23/10/14) have well illustrated the intolerant, illiberal, bigoted hostility shown towards Catholic or pro-life groups recently in colleges.

Since the 1960s, pro-abortion student unions have hijacked compulsory money from the pockets of successive student generations to drive their pro-abortion agenda and to springboard the abortion-pushing political and media careers of today’s leading abortion advocates.

Students should disaffiliate from student unions and stop funding abortion pushers with their fees.


Yours etc.,

Oliver Maher,

Harolds Cross,

Dublin 6W.