Next Dublin archbishop ‘needs energy’

Next Dublin archbishop ‘needs energy’ Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has said he believes someone with more energy needs to take over the archdiocese, as he is set to send the Pope his letter of resignation on his 75th birthday, in April 2020.

During an interview on Newstalk’s Pat Kenny Show, Archbishop Martin said there are many priests doing great work in the Archdiocese of Dublin, and he has high hopes for the future.


Speaking about a conversation with the Pope, he said: “I did say to him that I believe that the amount of change that’s needed now in Dublin, that’s underway, is such that it needs someone with more energy than I have.

“He’s 83 and he reminded me of that. I basically believe that change would be good,” he said. The archbishop added that if he were to die he would be confident “the church in Dublin is moving in the right direction. We’ve got begrudgers, but I think we’re moving along in the right direction.”

Speaking to The Irish Catholic the Papal Nuncio has indicated that the Vatican will be in no rush to replace Dr Martin.

He said: “It is delicate and still very premature for discussion. Otherwise, it could raise a flurry of undesired opinions. We wait until the Holy Father gives the go-ahead.

“As a servant, I cannot go ahead of my master. We wait until he blows the whistle, and the race takes off. I will let you know!” the nuncio said.

Asked about the shortage of priests, Dr Martin said some people believe the Church has given “too much authority to lay people”, but that it’s leading to parishes being revitalised.

“There are other signs that parishes are being revitalised by a really effective ministry of lay men and women who carry out a lot of the services,” he said.