News of the late lamented Bible society shop

Many serious readers of religious books, both historical and theological, from all Christian traditions, will have lamented the recent sudden overnight closure of the National Bible Society ‘Bestseller book shop’ (pictured) at 41 Dawson Street, Dublin, in which (so I understood) the Catholic Hierarchy also had a share. 

The closure was never explained to the customers, even though distressing rumours circulated.

A little later a closing down sale was held, though this did not include many of the higher priced academic books, which some customers would have been anxious to buy. 

A new bookshop opened selling the publisher’s remainders which have proved very successful. It will soon undergo an upgrade to include more space for books as well as a coffee shop.

But I have learnt from the present owner that the remainder of the stock from Bestseller is still in the basement and is all for purchase.

There are a limited number of academic books, but many editions of Bibles and New Testaments, as well as books of a popular kind on Church history, theology, spirituality and biography – an ecumenical stock and all well worth a visit. Personal shoppers only. Inquiries to the manager of the new shop.