Nationwide ‘Stand Up For Life’ rallies announced

Nationwide ‘Stand Up For Life’ rallies announced

The Pro-Life Campaign and the LoveBoth Project have announced a series of six regional rallies entitled ‘Stand Up For Life’, organised as part of a nationwide grassroots effort to save the Eighth Amendment ahead of the referendum.

The ‘Stand Up For Life’ rallies are due to be held from April 2-7. The first regional rally will be held in the Great Northern Hotel, Bundoran, Co. Donegal, on Easter Monday, April 2. Rallies will follow in Athlone IT on April 4, Leisureland Galway on April 5, Limerick Racecourse on April 6 and in Cork on April 7. There will also be a final rally in Dublin on May 12, shortly before the planned referendum date.

Hosted by Katie Ascough of the LoveBoth Project, the rallies will feature top Irish and international pro-life speakers, music and entertainment and information workshops. Abortion survivor and pro-life advocate Claire Culwell will be flying in from the US to address the rallies.

Speaking ahead of the rallies, Ms Ascough urged pro-life supporters to make their voices heard. “It’s important to remember that it’s the people who turn up who make history,” she said.

“There won’t be any second chances to save the Eighth Amendment. Now is the time for all pro-life people to make our voices heard.

“We must stand united. If the Eighth Amendment is repealed, Ireland will be a very different place – where abortion on demand happens and protection for unborn babies is no more. It is a sad and frightening prospect. We all need to play a part for the next few weeks. It’s time to stand up for life.”

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